JNV Maths Course | New Teaching Methods that are a Winner


At the JNV we have incorporates a fun new was to gain the interest and imagination on our students when it comes to learning the mathematics. We have set up a range of casino games to help students to learn the odds and the equations. We have a poker table (provided by www.pokerstarcasino.gr), roulette table and a craps table.

By using these tools and games, it will help to inspire the children when it comes to learnings of the probabilities and to have a hands-on approach to learning the maths.

We have put provisions in place so that children don’t actually gambles with the monies but use the equipment to understand the simplistic nature of maths which is found out in the real world.

The games have been donated and will be used by the children in the 7-10 age range category. We look forward to seeing the results of this when the program is rolled out in August.

In other news…

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the stationary supply Rulerz in Stationary. They will kindly be donating unsold stock as there business forecloses by the end of April. We will be able to give every student a set of brand-new equipment to use across all our schools.

As of May when the new supplies are in stock, we will also be rearranging the school’s classrooms with a how new rebranding and giving the rooms a lick of paint. We have chosen the colours of power blue and purple to represent our JNV schools and soon we will be providing ties for students to wear as part of their uniform.

Soon there will be a sports day at the JNV where all staff and students in the Goa area to compete in the first every JNV sports day. Events will include a 100m race, mud wrestling, long jumps and pigeon shooting. We encourage all the family to attend and support their kid whether they are loved or not.

New canteen to come! We are getting a brand-new kitchen installed in the Maharashtra school. This will be servicing freshly prepared meals that include salads, soups and meals that include pizza, burgers and fish.

We will also be starting a new course on US language. This will allow for students to learn how to speak American. The popularity of US culture is big in South Africa (especially with the coming of online casino in africa such as https://www.burgersrust.co.za/africasino.html) and, thusly, feel the children would benefit from learning how to speak American and get their ‘dope slangs on point’. We will soon be receiving orders made of American flags and posters of Beyoncé and the royal Trumps family.

The event to mark this occasions, will take place on the July fourth day to commemorate with miss Beyoncé released her Lemonade album which received critical acclaim and number ones in the US billboard charting.

Lastly in the news

We would like to send out thoughts and prays to the family of Miss Hills the supply teacher that was found dead last week. She was stabbed multiple times and left for dead, dying as a result of these wounds, we thank her for her times teaching our science students and our condolences to her families.