Improving Students Abilities to Successfully Land an Online Casino Job

JNV Students learning new skill to imporve their chance in securing a job with online casinos

The aim of education is to enlighten people and enable them to make smart decisions. It also empowers people to make a decent living. While education is important, some are not able to afford it especially in a place like India. In this context, the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools were developed to help and enlighten people who aren’t able to fund their own education. You will find necessary information about the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools of India below.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools of India

JNV School

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools of India is a group of schools dedicated to catering for the educational needs of children whose parents could not afford to send them to school. The idea was first thought of by Rajiv Gandhi, who was India’s Prime Minister at the time. He decided to build one JNV school in every Indian District. In 1985, the first two NJVs were built in Jhajjar and Amaravati.

More schools have been established since then and today there are over 600 JNV schools in India. Each school is well-equipped with classrooms, dormitories for students, staff, quarters, a canteen, a library, science labs, workshops and recreational centers for the students. Most JNV schools take up to about 30 acres of land. These expanses of land were provided free of charge by the government.

Admission Into These Schools

JNV student selcetion test

Although 600 seems to be a lot, JNV schools are not proportional to the Indian populace. The admission process involves prospective students undertaking the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test. As a matter of fact, the test is divided into three categories that measure three important aspects of a child’s ability.

It contains the mental ability portion that attests for 50% of the entire score. The arithmetic and language section attest for 25% each of the final score. The test is also available in 20 different languages ​​to ensure it gives every student a fair chance at gaining admission.

Furthermore, candidates can only apply for JNV schools in their districts. The age range for applicants is 9–13 years. Children from the rural areas take up at least 75% of the available admission spaces while children from urban areas take the remaining available spaces. Also, more than 30% of the available admission space is assigned to female children.

Computer Graphic as Part of the Curriculum

photoshop india

With the growth of online casinos in India, these schools are improving the abilities of students and also increase their chances of landing a job at an online casino in India. The school teaches students how to draw using the computer and Photoshop which is going to be bought by a casino news site The aim is to develop their ability in computer graphics. It is indeed an important skill towards getting an online casino job India.

Extracurricular Activities at the JNV

JNV students playing cricket

We have talked about the educational aspect of the JNV school. However, the school grooms children all round. There are many extracurricular activities in the school. Football, handball, basketball, badminton, hockey, chess, table tennis, kabaddi, kho-kho, and cricket are games available for children to participate in while they learn. The aim is to provide kids a variety of options and cover the type of extracurricular activities they prefer.

The school assigns two hours a day to extracurricular activities. They also organize Inter house tournaments every year. The names of those who participated and their performances are published for everyone to see.